Artists’ Research Centre (ARC)

Cliche Vere

This experimental, site specific work was made using the large windows of the gallery. The prints were made at night by making a gouache painting directly onto the windows, and using natural light to expose the prints. In part they are an experiment by the artist to trial using the photogram technique at this scale. They are also a response to histories of landscape painting, abstraction and photography, making connections between the flat verticality of Chinese landscape painting, the role of empty canvas as a space for the imagination and western traditions of abstraction.

The use of the epic landscape format, requiring the viewer to physically move across the surface of the work, as with a Chinese scroll for example, also suggests a form of narrative which is at odds with the work’s abstract forms. Landscapes in both painting and photography are often depicted as prescriptive spaces suggesting wilderness, human achievement or disaster. This work purposefully avoids such specifics suggesting a more nuanced reading of how landscapes can be rendered as art works and in the mind of the viewer.

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