Artists’ Research Centre (ARC)

Crop Marks


Alexandra Leykauf’s selection of arial photographs from Southend Libraries showing crop marks and estuary coastlines across Essex. The scanning process bleeds through printing from the printed pages below, creating layered images which themselves reflect the historical layering in photos of crop marks where it is possible to see neolithic, bronze age, roman and saxon traces in a single image and landscape.

Images taken from films short in 360 degrees by Leykauf on tours around Essex. Here we see Wallasea Island and West Canvey Marsh.

JA Baker, who’s seminal work The Peregrine continues to influence contemporary nature writing today and is sited as an influence many leading naturalists, took few photographs. However he was in the habit of cutting out images he selected from magazines and keeping them instead. Above is a selection made by Leykauf from the archive at Essex University.

Listen to film maker Werner Herzog discuss The Peregrine here.