The Jacket Ran Away 
A new text by Lucy Reynolds on the film work of Corin Sworn can be read here.


To “change ones copy,” became a common 16C expression for any alteration of “style, tone, behavior, or course of action” so abrupt and startling as to suggest that a person had assumed an entirely new character. To attempt a pretensence or imposter, was to make “a copy of ones countenance.” …. Embedded within the idiomatic analogy between legal and social forms of identity was a new and somewhat sinister implication that the human face was an autonomous, even alien, instrument of misrepresentation.

Worlds Apart, Jean Christophe Agnew, Cambridge University Press, 1986. p. 59

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The Photographic Universe | Photography and Political Agency
Hito Steyerl and Victoria Hattam

Seduction of a Cyborg
Lynn Hershman Leeson, 1994

Sharkey’s Day
Laurie Anderson

Reading List

Theatre, Cinema, Power
Dan Graham
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Cybernetics, Expanded Cinema and New Media:
From Representation to Performance Practice
Chris Welsley in
Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance, Film

Edited by A.L. Rees, Duncan White, Steven Ball and David Curtis


Texte Zur Kunst
Issue No.103 / September 2016 ‘Poetry’

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