Artists’ Research Centre (ARC)

Performance: Corin Sworn & Cara Tolmie

Tetley Gallery, Leeds

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Continuing their long term collaboration, this performance by Sworn and Tolmie is a reflection on their shared approaches to creativity, research and the categorisation of memory.

The performance begins with a discussion of Sworn’s previous works and the perpetually incomplete nature of their presentation, changing and shifting in relation to her own responses to the source material. This introduction evolves into a conversation between the two artists, sometimes disembodied, sometimes fragmentary. looping and revisiting how and what they choose to present and remember in response to a predetermined set of questions. It is an ongoing dialogue and a theatrical magic show which mirrors the way in which we order our memory and what that means for the way we tell our story to the world.

Saturday 26 November 2016
2 – 4PM

Mordern Art Oxford
30 Pembroke St
Oxford, OX1 1BP

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