Artists’ Research Centre (ARC)

Exhibition: Caprona

Focal Point Gallery, Southend on Sea

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20 January – 22 April 2018
Focal Point Gallery

Caprona is the culmination of Alexandra Leykauf’s Creative Libraries Fellowship. The title of the exhibition is taken from the science fiction trilogy The Land that Time Forgot by Edward Rice Buroughs. Caprona is a mythical island in which all the evolutionary stages of life are simultaneously living side by side in a single landscape. The exhibition is a reflection of Leykauf’s research fellowship and a glimpse into her thinking about the opportunites it has presented for her own artistic practice.

The connection between the idea of landscape and its representation is central in Leykauf’s work, seeming to embody her fascination for the image’s multiple identities – a physical representation, a space, a mental projection – and its key role in the constitution of memory. How do representations of the landscape – paintings, maps, literary or cinematographic narratives – determine our perception of nature and our position within it? How do landscape and its representations enable scientists, archaeologists, writers or artists to reveal and to make sense of our common history? The cultural wealth of Essex, in particular of the Southend region, open to the sea, provided Leykauf’s investigation with fertile ground; she physically explored the region, on foot and by bike and gathered visual, literary, geographical and historical material on these different spaces.

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