May – December 2017

Alexandra Leykauf has been awarded the Artists’ Research Centre Essex Fellowship. Over the course of 2017 Leykauf, who is based in Berlin, will be travelling to Essex carrying out research at libraries and archives in support of her work into the history of landscape and feminism. Making connections with academics and research projects in Essex University and staff and curators in the Southend Libraries and Museums service, Leykauf will work with the Artists’ Research Centre to develop a programme of events reflecting her thinking and creative practice.

This project is a collaboration with Focal Point Gallery, Southend Libraries and Museums, and Essex University

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Research Material 

Below are a collection of images, scans and material taken from Leykauf’s research project in Essex. During the next six months Leykauf will be visiting archives and museums, interviewing academics, writers and artists and conducting field trips.The material shown here is a reflection of her activity and will feed the connected events programme taking place in Southend during the course of the Fellowship.

Images taken from films short in 360 degrees by Leykauf on tours around Essex. Here we see Wallasea Island and West Canvey Marsh.

JA Baker, who’s seminal work The Peregrine continues to influence contemporary nature writing today and is sited as an influence many leading naturalists, took few photographs. However he was in the habit of cutting out images he selected from magazines and keeping them instead. Above is a selection made by Leykauf from the archive at Essex University.

Listen to film maker Werner Herzog discuss The Peregrine here

Baker's map of Essex 3.jpg

counting birds 2  counting birds, dates 2  counting birds, dates

This map and log books, taken from the JA Baker Archive held at the University of Essex, records Baker’s sitings of birds in his travels across the county.


The Lobster Smack, Canvey Island  The Lobster Smack
Two views of The Lobster Smack Pub, Canvey Island. The image on the right is by an unknown artist painted c.1900. The Pub, actually built below sea level, along with much of the rest of the island was prone to regular flooding until the sea wall was built in towards then end of the last century.

Below: RSPB badges

another mystery solved, kestrel  another mystery solved, wren



Rosetti poem scanned from JA Baker’s notebook containing many such copies of his favourite works. An introduction to Rossetti’s work and life can be found here