Alexandra Leykauf
Saturday 20 January 2018
Focal Point Gallery, Southend on Sea

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Join us for the opening of Alexandra Leykauf’s first solo presentation in the UK  featuring new works made using the architecture and collections of The Forum Library in Southend and research material gathered during her Fellowship. The exhibition draws together Leykauf’s investigations into the landscapes of Essex and will be the culmination of her Research Fellowship investigating the history, culture and origin of Landscape both real and imagined.

Inventing the Landscape
Saturday 13 January 2018
2.00 – 4.00pm
Admission Free. Booking Essential. Reserve your place here


A programme of talks, performance and literature reflecting on the hidden and imagined landscapes of Essex. For this live film recording, artist Alexandra Leykauf will be joined by Melissa Gordon and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson as well as actors from E15 Acting School in Southend reading extracts from texts central to Leykauf’s research.

Part of the ARC’s Performance, Politics and Popular Culture programme collaboration with Southend Libraries and Museums and Focal Point Gallery.

Alexandra Leykauf Research Fellowship

The island of Caprona appears in the science fiction trilogy The Land that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is a mythical place in which all the evolutionary stages of development are present, living simultaneously side by side…

Since July 2017, Leykauf has been carrying out research into the cultural histories of   Essex landscapes. Specifically, how is it possible to represent a landscape – through images, ideas, politics or the natural world – and what is it that informs our understanding of the landscapes which we move through, both in our minds and our day to day lives? Unlike traditional gallery shows if completed works, this exhibition is a reflection of Leykauf’s thinking and responses to some of these questions: it is a work in progress, of ongoing research, and a manifestation of process.

For her Research Fellowship, Alexandra Leykauf has been visiting the landscapes libraries, museums and archives of Essex as part of her investigation into where the idea of a landscape comes from; how it can be represented and the ways in which writers and artists, academics and archaeologists such as JA Baker, Seamus Heaney and Ken Worpole have sought to make sense of our shared history through landscape. The ancient geography of Essex is one that holds within it the social and political history of our nation as a centre of trade and migration, a home of industry and innovation, radicalism and reaction. A watchful, sometimes war like, island shaped by the sea and the life of the people living at it’s edge. All this can be seen within the physical geography of the county of Essex, from the docks in the estuary to the ancient barrows and crops marks which appear fleetingly over the summer and can only be seen from the air as layers of history reaching back to the Bronze age.

Leykauf’s research has centred on these landscapes around Southend; the history of their documentation and the ways in which artists, writers and archaeologists have interpreted them in literature, art and science. Beyond the physical evidence there is also the landscape of the imagination – the how the idea of landscape came into being, how it has developed from ancient sagas to the writings of Seabald, Ackroyd and Lichtenstein. This exhibition brings together some of Leykauf’s thinking and discoveries made during the course of her fellowship from forgotten aerial photographs to annotated maps of the haunts of peregrines to the paintings of Alfred Munnings. It will also feature new film works, and an epic series of photograms made at night using the architecture of the Forum building itself to produce a vast new swirling monochrome landscape for Southend.

The exhibition, will be previewed by a live event, recorded with a studio audience in a rarely seen space within the Victorian museum in Southend. Recently stripped back for renovation and unseen for 40 years, the reading room of the old library will be the stage for a panel discussion on imagined landscapes, readings and a presentation from Leykauf on her research into the landscapes of the county.



The Jacket Ran Away:
A new text by Lucy Reynolds













The Artists’ Research Centre is delighted to announce the publication of a new text by Lucy Reynolds, commissioned as part of Corin Sworn’s Fellowship in Leeds. Reynolds’ elegant and thoughtful text takes Sworn’s recent work The Coat as a starting point for reflecting on her wider work and developments in her practice influenced by her research into Commedia dell’ Arte for her Max Mara Prize.

The full text can be read here.


Artists’ Film – Landscape
selected by Alexandra Leykauf

Kenneth Anger | Stan van der Beek | Marcel Broodthaers | Maya Deren | Ger van Elk | Simon FaithFull | Hollis Frampton | General Idea Alexandra Leykauf | Marie Menke | Toshio Matsumoto | William Raban | Margaret Tait | Pieter Vanderbeck | Bill Viola| Joyce Wieland

18 – 20 August 2017, Admission Free
Introductory Talk: Friday 18 August, 6pm
Book a place here

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.59.48

As part of her Fellowship research Alexandra Leykauf presents a collection of films focusing on her interest in the representation of landscape and how we come to understand, remember and articulate our relationship to the land. This collection of films will be presented over four screens as part of the Maximum Overdrive exhibition at Focal Point Gallery in Southend. Leykauf has devised a screening schedule which will feature films playing alongside each other creating a unique collage of image and sound resonating with her conception that the very idea of a landscape is something conjured from layers and fragments of the past filtered through combined notions of culture, history and society.

Join us at Focal Point Gallery, Southend  on Friday 18 August at 6pm for drinks to celebrate the launch this programme and hear Leykauf discuss her selections for the the show.


Performance: GOING 
Raven Row
30 June to 6 August 2017
Free, Book tickets here


Part of Raven Row’s fabulous revisiting if the Theatre of Mistakes, Going is a fugue for five performers in five acts, arranged from mannerisms of departure. It concerns going, or attempting to go, when the participants are bound together as closely as the strands of a knotted ring. Attempting to be each other, as opposed to a character, every performer has to learn all the parts, and thus every move and each gesture. Each weaves a role identical to that of the others, into different moments, but of the same role.

Book Launch:
Two 24 Hour Books – Published by Cabinet
The Horse Hospital 
Monday 17 July, 7-9pm

Take Care by Jeff Dolven

The Ambivalents by Sally O’Reilly

About Cabinet’s “24-Hour Book” series
Inspired by literary precedents such as automatic writing, by the resourcefulness of the bricoleur making do with what
is at hand, and by the openness toward chance that all artistic production under severe constraint must necessarily incorporate, Cabinet’s “24-Hour Book” series invites a number of distinguished authors and artists to be incarcerated in its gallery space to complete a project from start to finish within twenty-four hours.

About Jeff Dolven
Jeff Dolven is a critic and poet who teaches at Princeton University. He is the author of two books of criticism, Scenes of Instruction (University of Chicago Press, 2007) and Senses of Style (University of Chicago Press, 2017), and a book of poems, Speculative Music (Sarabande, 2013). He has written frequently for Cabinet on topics ranging from player pianos to poisoned milk.

About Sally O’Reilly
Sally O’Reilly writes for performance, page, and video. Recent projects include the novel Crude (Eros Press, 2016), libretti for the operas And London Burned (Temple Music Foundation) and the The Virtues of Things (Royal Opera, Aldeburgh Music, Opera North, 2015) and a monograph on Mark Wallinger (Tate Publishing, 2015). She was writer-in-residence at Modern Art Oxford (2016) and at Whitechapel Art Gallery (2010-11).


Alexandra Leykauf and Becky Beasley
May – November 2017

The Artists’ Research Centre is working in collaboration with Focal Point Gallery,  Southend Museums and Libraries and the University of Essex on two research fellowships in Southend.

Over the next 6 months Alexandre Leykauf will be working with curators, academics and archivists to develop her research into the representation of landscape and its importance within the creative imagination. Focusing on the landscape of the estuary and the history of Southend, the fellowship will result in a programme of events, talks and workshops hosted at Focal Point Gallery and around Southend, Essex.

Following a period of research in the libraries, archives and museums of Southend, Becky Beasley will a produce a new work of science fiction in response to the social and political history of Southend. The final work will be published as a limited edition and placed within the Forum Library.

More information about the artists and their plans for the fellowships can be found here.

Details of all events can be found here.


Live Library: Performing Selves
Saturday 4 March, 11am – 5pm
Tetley, Leeds
£5 (£3 cons) Book a place


A day of talks, films and performance considering the history and evolution of the performance of identity. From the early modern stage to the digital platforms of social media, the Live Library presents a spectrum of approaches to understanding how the idea of a ‘self’ is manifested in our culture. Is an individual defined by their professional activity, their financial status or their emotional state? How has society’s willingness to understand the self as a combination of these factors created new ways for identity to be expressed across these registers? What is the future for how we can present ourselves to the world and how will this affect our interactions with others?

To mark the culmination of Corin Sworn’s ARC Fellowship, artists, writers and academics have been invited to give short presentations on their work considering these and other questions, which will be followed by a conversations with Sworn about the ways these ideas connect to her own research.

Speakers incude:

Dr M A Katritzky
Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, The Open University

Gil Leung
Artist and writer

Dr Elsa Richardson
University of Strathclyde

Robb Mitchell
University of Southern Denmark, Kolding

Dr Bernie Hogan 
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

William Rose
Producer, Pavillion Leeds

Image: Boo Ritson, Marilyn, 2008

ARC Recommends:

Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet: The Unnamed Room 
28 January 2017, 1-3pm
Meet at the Parkinson Steps, Leeds


Pavilion presents The Unnamed Room, a new multi-site performance by artists Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet, which is based on the artists’ explorations of the suffragette movement in Leeds. The event extends the artists’ interests in early precedents of performance art, historical reconstruction and feminist histories. The event will begin on the University of Leeds campus and end at the Hyde Park Picture House with a screening of the artists’ latest film Spectacles without Objects (2016). The performance is funded by Fluxus Fund.

More information at Pavillion

Artists’ Film – Selected by Corin Sworn
Sunday 4 February, 2017. 2-4pm
Admission Free. Book here


A programme of artists’ films selected by Corin Sworn as part of her Research Fellowship investigating histories of performed identity from early modern theatre to social media.

Hannah Black, Duncan Campbell, Andrea Crespo, Andrea Dojmi, Dan Graham, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Martine Syms, Emily Wardill

Image: Emily Wardill, Ben, 2007 Courtesy of LUX

Performance and Artists Film Programme – Selected by Corin Sworn
Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February 2017


Over the first weekend in February as part of her ARC Fellowship, Corin Sworn will be presenting a performance work as part of the Performance and Uncertainty international symposium at Tetley Art Gallery produced by Kiff Bamford and Harold Offeh.

Sworn will also select a film programme to be shown at the Tetley on Sunday 5 February, 2-4pm as part of her ongoing research into the performance of identity. Tickets for both events can be booked here.

Artists’ Talk
Thursday 5 January 2017, 6.30pm


ARC Director, Ben Roberts in conversation with Emma Hart and Jonathan Baldock at PEER talk about their new collaboration and touring exhibition Love Life I.

Fellowship Performance: Corin Sworn & Cara Tolmie
Wednesday 30 November, 7pm


A performance by Sworn work presented as part of her Fellowship that dismantle, reconstruct and reconfigure a group of materials and memories they have collected, investigating forms of narrative and their relationship to time and context.

Part of celebrations to mark the Tetley’s third birthday the evening will include speeches by Arts Council England’s Director of Yorkshire, Michelle Dickson and Chair of The Tetley’s board, Gerald Jennings.Enjoy rum cocktails courtesy of Appleton Estate and birthday cake, courtesy of Street Lane Bakery, followed by music in the Bar & Kitchen until late!

Congratulations to Cara Tolmie on her 2016 Hamlyn Award.


Delighted to be working with Cara Tolmie and Corin Sworn on their performance as part of Sworn’s Research Fellowship.

Corin Sworn Leeds Fellowship: Launch Event
Wednesday 9 November, 2-4pm


Launched at the Tetley Gallery Corin Sworn’s Fellowship began with a range of presentations from research partners and artists in Leeds. The Fellowship will run until March 2017 with events and workshops throughout. See below for more details.

Details of future events can be found here.


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